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The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for a Dumpster Rental Service

The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for a Dumpster Rental Service

If you are reading this, then you’re likely looking for a dumpster rental company.

If you are reading this, then you’re looking for a dumpster rental company. Before you rush to call an order for this rental service, we advise you read this post until the end to find out some common mistakes that might happen if you order haphazardly. Here are some of the top mistakes you should avoid when looking for a dumpster rental service.

Do not Put Hazardous Materials in the Bin

You can toss just about anything in the bin, but there are a couple of exemptions. Hazardous materials are a big one. This will be noted once you call your local dumpster hire firm for inquiring regarding dumpster rental prices. No gasoline, motor oil, household cleaning chemicals, or pesticides are allowed. This also goes for old paint, batteries, propane tanks, fluorescent light bulbs, tires, or aerosol cans. Check with your local dumpster rental operator for the restrictions in your area, then dispose of that waste the right way.

Blocking Doors, Views, and Perhaps Yourself

There’s a few things to remember about placement before your dumpster arrives, so everything goes smoothly. Do you have enough space in the driveway to come and go in your vehicle? Can you steer clear of putting it at the end of your driveway where it might obstruct the sight of drivers? Are you blocking any doors? Is there enough space at the walk-in end of the dumpster for easy entry? This is very important if you have heavy items that you can’t toss in over the top. Consider all of this before the dumpster comes.

Sloped Surfaces Affecting the Placement of Your Trash Bin

You do not have to be a genius to figure this out. Begin loading a bin with bulky items on an uneven slope, and you could easily have a runaway bin for the dumpster rental service. This is the case in the winter and fall when it is a bit icy outside. If you have a sloped driveway, do not hesitate to talk to your local dumpster operator, like Atlantic Waste Group, to learn how a driver can work with you to place your bin safely. They’ll be more than happy to give you a hand.

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