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Items to Avoid Tossing in a Dumpster

Items to Avoid Tossing in a Dumpster

You have to educate yourself on which items you can and can’t toss in your rental dumpster.

Whether you are a renter, homeowner, contractor, or landlord, the time will come when regular trash cans will not cut it, like when you’re remodeling your kitchen, moving, or going through a waste removal project. While you can load up your dumpster rental with debris and junk, there’s limits as to what you can throw away. Before you call to have a residential or construction dumpster dropped to your home or job site, just make sure to familiarize yourself with the items you put in your dumpster rental. Read on to learn which items to avoid in a dumpster.


Whether you’re cleaning out your attic or garage or finishing up a kitchen remodeling project, you are bound to come across some leftover paint. Although you may be tempted to toss any remaining paint cans in your dumpster, the chemicals and oils inside paints have a reputation of contaminating water sources. Ask your waste disposal provider for advice on what to do with excess paint.


The issue with dumping pesticides does not lie in the product itself. After all, you can spray it around your house and lawn without any issues. The problem is the concentration of pesticides. In small doses, pesticides are mostly harmless, but they can do a lot of damage to the environment in large quantities. Even if you only have a few pesticides to get rid of, ask your waste disposal provider for the smartest way to get rid of pesticides.

Batteries and Electronics

Electronics are a big no-no when it comes to what you can and can’t throw in your dumpster. Over 17 states have banned dumping any electronics in landfills. Batteries should also be separated from your dumpster pile of trash since they typically contain mercury. If you have any other electronics and batteries to throw away, your waste disposal provider can tell you how to get rid of all these items properly.

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