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How to Keep a Dumpster Rental Squeaky Clean

How to Keep a Dumpster Squeaky Clean

When you decide to rent out a dumpster for your house, you might find that your dumpster starts to carry an unpleasant scent.

A dumpster rental is a very convenient way to dispose of all your household waste or construction materials. When you decide to rent out a dumpster for your house, you might find that your dumpster starts to carry an unpleasant scent after a long period of time. After you finish stacking up your dumpster, you remove any stinky odors with a few easy cleaning solutions. To help you prepare more for your upcoming residential dumpster rental in Maryland, here are some helpful tips for cleaning out your rental dumpster.

Clear Out All of the Interior of the Dumpster Rental

The very first step in keeping a dumpster clean is to clear out the interior of the dumpster. Once you fill the dumpster with debris, lingering odors could become trapped inside the interior. To ensure that there are no items that are causing a bad scent, you could schedule a dumpster pick up service with your local waste removal company, like the Atlantic Waste Group. Once your dumpster is cleared, you’ll be ready to start cleaning out the interior.

Wash Out with Water and Bleach

Ensure that the interior of your dumpster rental is squeaky clean and wash the interior with a mixture of both water and bleach. Once the interior of your dumpster has been entirely cleared, you can then fill it with around six inches of clean water. From here, sanitize the inside by mixing in two cups of bleach. After you have let this solution sit for half an hour, drain rinse out the dumpster.

Allow the Dumpster Rental to Dry

Once you’ve cleaned and rinsed out the interior of your dumpster, the very next step is to allow the inside of the dumpster to dry out completely. By drying out the interior of your dumpster, you will prevent the formation of mold and bacteria. With these simple and easy steps, you are able to keep your dumpster clean throughout your entire rental period.

For more information on cleaning your dumpster rental, give the professionals from the Atlantic Waste Group a call. We will know precisely how to go about cleaning your rental dumpster.

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