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What to Look at During the Construction Clean-Up Process

What to Look at During the Construction Clean-Up Process

The post-construction cleanup is much more than just tossing debris into a garbage dumpster.

No matter the size, any construction project will leave behind an extensive trail of waste and debris. To manage your waste effectively and quickly, consider a dumpster rental on the East Coast. With a roll-off dumpster in place at your construction site or home, all of the post-construction waste can be removed in the most effective way possible. However, the post-construction cleanup is much more than just tossing debris into a garbage dumpster. Here is a look at how to finalize a commercial or residential construction job, and how the Atlantic Waste Group can help you!

Recycling and Salvaging

Before you toss everything in the roll-off dumpster, go through all of the construction waste and look for some materials that could be salvaged and recycled in the near future. For example, any gypsum from drywall could act as fertilizer, wooden beams could be mulched and utilized on other project sites, and masonry could be resold or repurposed. Not only will material salvaging save you cash in the long run, but it is also perfect for the environment. This is something we are very proud of at the Atlantic Waste Group.

Waste Site Clearing

Besides material salvaging, the other primary purpose of post-construction cleanup is to make everything shine and sparkle. All surfaces will have to be wiped down, disinfected, and floors will have to be swept and mopped. Upholstery will have to be scrubbed clean. There are site cleaning companies that could perform the job for you, which will allow you to hone in your time and energy somewhere else during the moving or cleaning process.

Special Remediation

Special remediation will have to be necessary before the site could be utilized by a homeowner or commercial tenant in a few instances. For example, if there was fire damage for the catalyst for a construction job, carpets and upholstery might have to be cleaned to remove smoke and burns. If you find any signs of mold during the construction process, hire a mold remediation company to help disinfect and clean the area.

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