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How to Keep Your Dumpster Rental Free of All Pests

How to Keep Your Dumpster Rental Free of All Pests

Your dumpster rental could become a huge magnet for pests of all sizes and species.

Your dumpster rental will probably not be with you for very long, but even in that short window of time, it could become a huge magnet for pests of all sizes and species. For small crawling maggots to huge bears, you do not want your dumpster rental to be anything than a repository for all of your waste. So, what can you do to prevent it from becoming something that you never intended it to be? Read on to learn how to keep your dumpster rental free of pests!

No Food Waste

First, if you do not want to attract any pests, be very mindful of what you place into your dumpster rental. Never place any food items inside it, as it will start to rot and stink up the whole area. Flies will be attracted, which will lead to the infestation of maggots. Raccoons are also notorious for finding ways into tight spaces to grab all kinds of items, and you don’t want to attract them with the scent of food. If you live in a spot where bears live, you should already be aware of the dangers of attracting these big beasts with improperly disposed of food waste.

Concrete, no Grass

When you place a dumpster onto grass or mulch, you are inviting rodents and insects to nest underneath it. Always place the unit on top of a concrete slab. Further, should something leak out of the unit, there isn’t much danger of the leakage from getting into the groundwater when it is on a hard surface.

Cover the Rental Up

While more significant pests, like raccoons and bears, can find their way into a lidded container, smaller ones won’t be resourceful. If you are in a spot where these bigger pests are present, rent a dumpster that has a secured lid, like a locking mechanism that requires a more smart being to figure out how to open it up. If you decide to tie down your dumpster lids, be aware raccoons are known to chew through the straps to gain access to whatever it is that’s attracting them.

Clean It

Make sure when your unit is delivered that it is squeaky clean. If you are making many trips to the dump, clean it after each use. This ensures that any buildup of waste that attracts pests is avoided, and you can keep your job or construction site free of unwanted pests.

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