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The Consequences of Illegal Waste Removal and Littering

The Consequences of Illegal Waste Removal and Littering

Illegal waste removal and dumping occur for a variety of different reasons, but it is never acceptable.

Many states have a department of environmental quality or something similar to it that addresses illegal littering and dumping along with its ramifications. Some states handle everything from safe disposal of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to electronic waste recycling to waste disposal. Illegal waste removal and dumping occur for a variety of different reasons, but it is never acceptable. Read on to learn about illegal waste removal and its many consequences.

Causes of Illegal Waste Removal

Illegal waste removal happens for many different reasons. These include:

  • A lack of convenient alternatives
  • Increased disposal costs
  • A lack of real public awareness
  • A lack of understanding of laws

Environment and Health are at Risk

Regardless of your reason, the side effects of illegal waste removal and littering are genuine. State health departments are trying to stop it because of the possible threats to public health and the environment. Illegal dumping goes many different names, including fly dumping, midnight dumping, and open dumping. Here are a few of the risks of illegal dumping:

  • Encephalitis and Dengue fever are both attributed to pesky disease-carrying mosquitoes that often thrive in open dumping spots, especially ones where tires are located.
  • Fire is a risk because of the spontaneous combustion of dangerous materials or through possible arson.
  • Illegal dumping could impact drainage, which leads to severe flooding or perilous erosion.
  • Chemicals contaminate surface water and wells.
  • Property values can decrease if there is illegal waste nearby.

Simply put, illegal waste dumping and littering will dampen the quality of life for those in the surrounding areas. Whether it is older barrels, used tires, garbage, or hazardous chemicals, it all poses a serious threat.

The Effect of Illegal Waste Removal

There are millions of tons of materials that have been illegally dumped all throughout the United States. It represents a huge problem that could be prevented by stopping small dumping from happening. You can completely avoid illegal dumping and littering by hiring a trusted waste removal company, like the Atlantic Waste Group. We will make sure all of your waste is removed or recycled properly in a safe way.

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