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What to Do with Old Electronic Waste?

What to Do with Old Electronic Waste?

What should you do with your old electronic waste?

Americans rely heavily on their gadgets now more than ever. A new iPhone comes out every year, and those who want to be the owner of the latest smartphone will upgrade every year. New devices are also frequently upgraded, phasing out the old. Apple products are just one example and one fraction of the products phased out every year. So, what to do with your old electronic waste? According to estimates from the EPA, electronic waste, or E-waste, accounted for more than 3 million tons of materials back in 2013. Most states now have laws set in place that require recycling of used electronics when people go through their waste removal projects. Read on to learn what you should do with your old electronic waste!

Recycling Your Electronic Waste

One reason electronics have to be recycling is because they often contain toxic components. When they are placed in landfills, they can leach deep into the ground. With only about 27 percent of E-waste being recycled and with sales of electronics increasing year after year, it has become prime time for electronic sellers to do something about their waste. Americans toss away millions of cellphones each year. For every one million cell phones, we are tossing away 35,000 pounds of copper, 700 pounds of silver, around 75 pounds of gold, and then about 30 pounds of platinum, all of which can be appropriately recycled.

Organizing the Recycling of Older Electronics

What can the average consumer do for assistance? Most homeowners are thinking about cleaning and waste removal this time of year, which could be a good time to consider taking stock of all the old electronics you have. If you have a large waste removal or moving project, grab those old devices and check with your waste removal company about what to do with them. A certified waste removal and hauling company, like the Atlantic Waste Group, will know exactly how to handle your electronic waste, as well as any other belongings you might be unsure of how to dispose of. You could even make a bit of money off of recycling your old devices too, make sure to double-check before you consider just throwing them in your trashcan.

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