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How to Avoid Pesky Dumpster Overage Fees

How to Avoid Pesky Dumpster Overage Fees

With the right type of information and procedures, the dumpster overage fees are totally avoidable.

It’s never fun incurring additional expenses after renting yourself a roll-off dumpster to handle debris removal in your project site. This is because every single project is expected to have a specific budget, and no homeowner enjoys spending money out-of-pocket. However, with the right type of information and procedures, the dumpster overage fees are totally avoidable. Before considering ways to avoid pesky dumpster fees, always make sure you’re working with an experienced dumpster rental company. The moment you are ready to use a dumpster for your home improvement project, construction job, or hauling job, give Atlantic Waste Group a call. Read on to learn how to avoid dumpster overage fees!

Rent the Right Type of Container Size

Picking the perfect dumpster size is the very first step to avoid any dumpster overage fees. No doubt, this requires some upfront planning and evaluation of the number of junks to be removed. However, it is best to rent containers slightly bigger than what you’ll think will suit the project. There is no worse feeling than making the call for a second dumpster because of insufficient space. It is also not fun when the total waste didn’t make it to the allowable limits. For professional assistance, an experienced waste removal company can help you pick the right dumpster.

Avoid Any Unplanned Dumping

This typically happens when you take a long-term dumpster rental. Having a dumpster grounded at your facility for a long time makes it much easier to toss junks that aren’t in the original plan. You could be inclined to avoid filling a dumpster rented for construction debris with the yard and household wastes mixing in various kinds of waste that can even violate some rental companies’ policy. Your container could also attract the attention of illegal dumpers. You don’t want this. The longer the dumpster sits on your site, the heavier the load will be, causing you to exceed weight limits and pay extra in fees. When necessary, avoid any long-term rentals.

Work with a Professional Dumpster Rental Company

Working with a seasoned and reputable service provider will be very helpful, especially when renting for the first time. The professionals will know exactly what you need to do when disposing of all types of waste.

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