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What Exactly Can I Fit in a Dumpster?

What Exactly Can I Fit in a Dumpster?

Many rules are guiding what you can and can’t throw into a dumpster.

Many rules are guiding what you can and can’t throw into a dumpster. You might not be allowed to dump certain types of waste when your dumpster is a rental type. In fact, you could break your contract by discarding certain items. Finally, the size of your project is important too. When you have to get rid of large amounts of garbage, outdated or broken items, renting a dumpster allows you to do this with a lot less effort. You could even use a dumpster for commercial and residential clean-up jobs. For a reliable dumpster rental on the east coast, the Atlantic Waste Group will be more than happy to give you a hand. Below are a few things to do know about your rental.

Kinds of Dumpsters

Dumpsters are available in 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40-yard sizes. 10-15 yard dumpsters are a popular choice for residential cleanouts and other medium-sized clean-up projects. 20 cubic yards could be used on construction sites for waste cleanouts, while 30 yards will be ideal for bigger residential projects. 40-yard dumpsters are meant for significant commercial and home construction. You do not want to go and rent a dumpster but only use half of the space.

Similarly, you would not want to call in for a second dumpster because you have junk left. Therefore, it is crucial to rent the perfect size. A waste removal company can help you determine the right size dumpster for your project.

What Could a Dumpster Contain?

This might depend on the size of your dumpster, but a rental company’s policy along with guiding state and local laws. For example, your rental company might decide not to entertain certain wastes probably because of guiding regulations and rules. Standard furniture like tables, couches, and chairs are typically accepted. Specific dumpster rentals also have regulations guiding recycling too.

Rent a Dumpster That Will Contain all Junks at Once

Appliances such as AC units, washers, and dryers can all fit into a dumpster. But the hazardous components and fluids have to be removed before tossing away. It is a smart idea to get in touch with your rental company to determine which types of appliances and electronics they will accept.

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