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How to Get Ready for a Dumpster Drop-Off

How to Get Ready for a Dumpster Drop-Off

As easy as the dumpster arrangement process might seem, there are steps to prepare the spot for a successful haul and delivery.

Homeowners are always proud when every single arrangement for an excellent business or home location makeover has been concluded. But a very important thing is always neglected by homeowners and real estate managers when they’ve got a home improvement and makeover project, which is to prepare for a nice spot for a dumpster drop-off. As easy as the dumpster arrangement process might seem, there are steps to prepare the spot for a successful haul and delivery to save you both the hassle and time. Read on to learn how to prepare for a dumpster drop-off!

Select and Create the Perfect Spot

A perfect spot for your dumpster should be cleared of trees and any other infringing objects. Ensure that your delivery area’s minimum size should not be less than ten feet wide and 14 feet long. There are a couple of other factors that you have to consider. These are:

Topography of the Premises

Dumpsters shouldn’t be placed on any sloppy ground. Check out the location’s topography and check to see it is flat to avoid your dumpster from moving down the slope. A waste removal company can help you figure out exactly where the dumpster should be set down.

Hardness of the Surrounding Soil

Don’t place the dumpster on any soft or grassy land because it might sink and become quite difficult to move. While picking a spot to place the dumpster, consider your container’s weight and the debris you intend to dump.

A Spot That is Easy to Navigate

To avoid the truck from getting stuck, a dumpster should be placed on a spot that is accessible and easy to navigate. You should also try to make a space of about 40 to 50 feet for parking purposes.

Consider the Size of the Dumpster Delivery Truck

It is your responsibility to clear off your driveway or drop-off location, and most of your dumpster trucks are around eight feet tall and above. Therefore, you have to make sure that there are no power lines and trees that might interfere with your delivery. Let your dumpster rental company all of the required information about your property so they can make the right preparations.

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