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How Waste Removal Services Can Help You Dispose of Paint

How Waste Removal Services Can Help You Dispose of Paint

Trashing paint the wrong way could lead to severe consequences and environmental damage.

A lot of chemicals require special removal treatment, but not a lot of people include paint in this category. It is true, however, that paint cannot be thrown away like you would with old food or used paper. Trashing paint the wrong way could lead to severe consequences. Proper waste removal and recycling are key to keeping a clean planet and environment intact. Read on to learn how a waste removal service can help you dispose of paint safely and adequately.

Deposing of All Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based paints are typically considered hazardous waste due to the additives in their makeup. See if you could identify anything on the can label, but if you can’t, it is a smarter idea to err on the side of the caution. Keep your paint inside the can and leave it out to air dry. Add some sawdust, paint hardener, or kitty litter to help shorten the process. Once it is all dry, take it to a hazardous waste facility through a waste removal company to make sure that it is thrown out safely.

Disposing of Latex-Based Paints

Latex-based paints should also be dried out first and mixed up with dry materials, but there is one huge difference: latex paints are typically not considered toxic material. As such, they can be thrown into your dumpster like other waste materials once it has dried up. However, it is important not to dump it in the grass or down your home or business’s drains, as it contaminates the water, soil, and environment. Should your latex paint have an odd smell before you proceed to dry it, the chances are it is already spoiled and needs to be discarded much sooner rather than later.

Repurposing Used Paints

Latex paint could be salvaged for later use by remixing it with some newer paint. So if you plan on doing some more renovation or paint jobs in the future for your move, it might be a good idea to save it until you need to use it. You may also consider donating any unused paints you have left too. Look into some charitable organizations that may be interested in taking the paint off your hands.

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