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How to Reduce Your Construction Waste

How to Reduce Your Construction Waste

There are a couple of ways you can reduce construction waste, saving you money while keeping the environment clean.

Waste management is key when undergoing a construction project. Those in the construction industry can vouch for the fact that construction waste can be a pain to remove in large quantities. The EPA estimates that millions of tons of construction and demolition waste are generated every year here in the United States alone, so there is a lot of room for improvement. In this blog, we will go over a couple of ways you can reduce waste, saving you money while keeping the environment clean. Read on to learn exactly how to minimize your construction waste with a waste removal company.

Plan Far Ahead

The project manager has a crucial role. They’re tasked with putting together a comprehensive plan that gets the most done at the very least expense. Actively consider ways to cut back construction waste when you’re planning your construction project. Consider:

  • Arrange to have recycling compost, and waste bins at your job site
  • Educate workers on sorting waste as it is all produced
  • Identify recyclable materials and direct workers to make proper use of the recycling bins
  • Ensure materials are stored in a safe spot to prevent loss or damage from the elements

Work with Suppliers

Wasting materials is terrible for your bottom line, and suppliers will be happy to help with this. Ask your supplies whether or not they can deliver materials on reusable pallets that they can pick up at a different time. See how they can work to minimize packaging materials and if they’re willing to buy back any products that you don’t use. Buy materials in bulk to avoid any individual packaging.

Recycle, Reuse, and Donate

Before throwing debris and materials into your dumpster, consider whether they are able to be reused, recycled, or donated. Store any materials in good condition to use in other spots of the project or other future projects. For example, why cut up a new piece of lumber to get a short bit if there are plenty of usable short pieces lying all around? There will be a lot of scrap metals and wood after the demolition and building process. Scrapped wood and metal can be used and recycled for use later. Consider hiring a waste removal company, like the Atlantic Waste Group, to help you remove any excess materials you might have too.

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