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Will a Dumpster Cause any Damage to Your Driveway?

Will a Dumpster Cause any Damage to Your Driveway?

Creating impressions or damages on your driveway is unacceptable and should be avoided by rental dumpster service providers.

A dumpster on your driveway might cause an impression on your driveway when the delivery company was unprofessional, or the homeowner didn’t take the proper precautions. Creating impressions or damages on your driveway is unacceptable and should be avoided by rental dumpster service providers because the burden of repairs will not be a part of the agreement between the client and the dumpster company. Read on to learn about the possibility of a dumpster causing damage to your driveway.

How a Dumpster Rental Company will Communicate with You

It is the responsibility of your dumpster delivery company to enlighten clients on how to pick the right spot to minimize damages that the weight of the dumpster could cause. Interestingly, no matter your property’s space, the crew members from the Atlantic Waste Group are trained to take proper measures to ensure that the dumpster will not create impressions on your home’s driveway.

We’ll Help You Pick the Right Surface Area

Before you deliver a dumpster, a member of the Atlantic Waste Group will do an assessment of the surface area where your dumpster will be kept. We recommend placing this dumpster on a concrete surface too. The dumpster rental could also be placed on any asphalted driveways. However, we will do everything in our power not to put it on grass or soft ground. If placing it on soft ground or grass is the only option, we will lower the risk of damages further by following some precautions.

A Rubber Wheeled Trailer Dumpster Delivery

If the only option is to place your Dumpster on soft ground or grass, we will deliver a rubber-wheeled dumpster instead of your traditional roll-off container. Roll-off dumpsters have steeled wheels and feet, which can cause a much higher possibility of damage to your driveway, but rubber-wheeled trailer dumpsters are quite driveway friendly. This option is to reduce damages.

There Will be More Space Around and Above Your Dumpster

The Dumpster will be placed to avoid low-lying power lines or tree branches. This is a real safety and precautionary measure to help reduce hazards while using or removing your garbage container.

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