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How to Declutter Your Home Before Moving

How to Declutter Your Home Before Moving

There is plenty that you can do to declutter before moving for success.

Moving can be a very intense and stressful experience, but it does not have to be! The more prepared you are before you move out, the better the process will be. If you can get rid of some of those unwanted items before you move out, that means less and less junk that has to be packed and unpacked. There is plenty that you can do to declutter before moving for success. Read on to learn more!

Begin Decluttering Early

You can start the decluttering process for moving very early on. You can start by sorting your items into different “purge piles” before you even list your home on the market. This could give you a nice head start on the process of decluttering. Any items that you haven’t touched or used in years can definitely go into the waste removal pile. You do not want to be hoarding any unnecessary items for your move.

Set Aside Enough Decluttering Time

Aim to spend about an hour or two planning and then an extra two or three hours per room to clean and declutter. Make sure that you plan to spend time in your outdoor spaces too. Sheds, garages, and outdoor play spaces or living spaces are usually forgotten about until the last second.

Clean Out Your Closets

Set aside any clothes that you have not worn in a year or more. If they are still in good condition, pass them onto your local donation center. If you are finding it a bit difficult to decide on which clothes to donate, check in with your waste removal company. They can likely point you where to donate or dispose of your old clothes.

Dig Into Those Storage Rooms

If there is something that has been sitting in a box for years, do not take it with you to your new home. It will just contribute to your clutter amount.

Haul It All Away!

Once you have sorted everything and you want to get rid of your excess items, give the Atlantic Waste Group a call to help save your move. We can come out right to your driveway to haul away all of your waste in no time!

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