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How a Mini Dumpster Rental Can Assist in Your Summer Junk Removal Project

How a Mini Dumpster Rental Can Assist in Your Summer Junk Removal Project

A mini dumpster rental can help you with your summer waste removal project.

Large summer cleaning projects can require a lot more than just a trash bin for your junk removal. However, renting a larger commercial-sized dumpster is not your only option. Perhaps you have begun a major property clean-up at your house, or you are getting your workspace prepared for the return of your employees who have been working remotely. Maybe, you decided to go through the trash and debris of a summer remodeling and renovation project. Either way, if you find yourself with more trash than you can handle, you need some help. While you could pay to have it picked up a few times until your project is complete, that can cost a lot and be unnecessarily time-consuming. There is an option, and that would be a mini dumpster rental. Read on to learn more!

The “You Toss, We Haul” Option

There are a few times and situations when renting out a dumpster is the ideal solution. Usually, you have it delivered and dropped off, you put all debris and junk in it as time passes, and you have it picked up and removed when it is full, or your project is complete. But, there is a not-so-small catch. The usual commercial dumpster can be a bit too big to work with easily. There are sometimes concerns about the placement of commercial dumpster rentals because of their size and weight. Depending on the location, they can block access to traffic access and cause damages to the street or parking lot if not tended to properly. However, a 22-foot long, eight-foot-tall dumpster is not your only option. In fact, there is an excellent alternative to those large, industrial-sized dumpsters that a lot of people think of when they imagine renting a dumpster.

Renting a Mini Dumpster for Summer Waste Removal

Renting a dumpster can be an excellent solution to clean up all of the landscaping, construction, or home remodeling waste you have. Mini-sized dumpster rentals are the ideal size for smaller projects. Ours are compact, affordable, and easy to use while still holding up to 12 cubic yards of waste. We at the Atlantic Waste Group can help you determine which size dumpster is best, so give us a call if you need some assistance!

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