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How to Properly Recycle all Your Construction Waste

How to Properly Recycle all Your Construction Waste

Cardboard, plastic packages, and excess building materials are just a few examples of construction waste that you could recycle.

Did you know that in a country like the United States, construction waste accounts for a large percentage of all waste nationwide? With a stat like this, it is clear that even modest efforts to make much better use of debris or existing building materials can cause profound changes. Even if you are starting from a construction or greenfield site, construction waste will always build up. Cardboard, plastic packages, and excess building materials are just a few examples of construction waste that you could recycle. Read on for some nice tips on how to recycle all of your construction waste properly!

Build it Into a New Building

The smartest way to recycle any construction waste is to integrate it back into a brand new building or new building site. A lot of this might happen naturally. With remodeling projects, walls are not necessarily demolished. They might simply be redecorated, reconfigured, or moved. Lumber cut-offs in wooden framed constructions might be useful as spacers or for fire blocking. A waste removal company like the Atlantic Waste Group can help you figure out what kinds of construction waste can be recycled.

Locate the Local Recycling Center

The keyword here is local. If it takes way too much effort, time, and gas to transport your construction waste for recycling, then look for another solution. If the recycling center is nowhere near you, find out what they take and when they open up. Then add the necessary trips to your overall construction schedule and planning to minimize the overall impact. Take some waste to the recycling center on the way out when you go get building materials. If you do not have any time to remove the waste for recycling, you can count on the Atlantic Waste Group to haul away all of your construction waste in a dumpster truck to a recycling center.

Try to Deconstruct Instead of Demolish

Organizations exist in certain areas to remove reusable items without damage for reuse in social housing projects. There might also be some tax advantages for the customer who is paying for the project. If this isn’t possible, an alternative is selling some items during your construction project. This is another solid way to get rid of some waste all while putting it to good use.

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