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Why Your Construction Company Needs a Junk Removal Service


Any construction project – whether it’s residential or commercial – creates a great deal of junk and debris. When the timeline of your project is delayed, it can severely impact your bottom line and cause dissatisfaction among your clients.

junk removal service


A run to the nearest facility takes your workers away from their primary jobs, and fuel costs, wear and tear on your vehicles, and other factors decrease your profit margin. There’s also the challenge to show your clients that you’re environmentally friendly, that means sorting through the junk to determine what’s recyclable.


A junk removal service can take care of these tasks, and save you valuable time and money.


Saving Space

When you rent a dumpster or Roll Off, you have to make sure that it’s placed correctly so it doesn’t interfere with traffic. In addition, residential homeowners want to have access to their property. 


Having to tell them the dumpster might be on their driveway or property for an extended period of time isn’t a pleasant conversation – the same can be said for commercial projects, which may also require permits for the placement and temporary storage of the dumpster.


A junk removal service solves that space problem by offering scheduled pickups and deliveries of the dumpster or Roll Off. This schedule allows your customers to know when they’ll have access to their property and garages – which helps alleviate complaints and interrupting your daily workflow.


Saving Steps

As your project progresses, junk and debris can pile up faster than you and your crew can dispose of it. Stopping work to gather up junk and then throw it into the dumpster takes away your valuable time. At the end of a long work day, no one wants to spend hours sorting through junk and debris and then wrestling it into the dumpster – especially if it’s heavy masonry, bulky door and window frames, and leftover building material.


Shorten Your Schedule

When you’re planning out the project with your client and project manager, it’s important to set expectations while staying profitable. Plus, you may have other projects running at once, meaning time is at a premium. 


Instead of building in a few days for clean up and hauling, a junk removal service can haul everything away when the project is complete. With regularly scheduled stops during the project, you won’t have to commit more hours when it’s completed.


Going Green

Showing potential clients that your company is invested in the environment can be the difference between winning and losing on a contract. Responsible recycling habits are also good for your reputation.


As debris piles up and the schedule begins to accelerate, no one has the time to properly sort what can and can’t be recycled. Junk removal companies provide these services and because they’re familiar with waste materials, there’s no guessing on what can be thrown into a landfall – and what can’t.


Atlantic Waste Group is the Answer

Hauling services and junk removal are our specialties at Atlantic Waste Group. We have years of experience under our belt, and we’ve worked with hundreds of contractors and construction companies.


Find out more about our services and contact us today – we’ll provide junk removal services that save your time and money.