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The Roll-off Dumpster Solution for Apartment Complexes


Apartment complex property managers and owners can be overwhelmed by the daily demands of their jobs. 

Roll-off Dumpster for Apartment


Fulfilling work orders, answering tenant calls and complaints, making sure the grounds are clean; all of these and more can distract you from the other demands of your job. This includes making sure there is ample room for trash to be deposited.


Regardless of the number of regularly maintained dumpsters that are on site, the amount of trash can quickly outstrip capacity. 


A roll-off dumpster is an excellent solution to these problems, and not only because they provide more space than traditional dumpsters and other trash receptacles. These receptacles are also easy to deliver and pick up when they’re full – all you need to do is determine a schedule that’s best for your tenants and properties.


Litter Reduction

Even with single or multiple occupancy, tenants can generate a great deal of trash on a weekly basis. When your dumpsters run out of space, your occupants can throw trash bags and other debris on top of or behind them – making the grounds look unkempt.


Moving Day

Renters and lease holders are constantly moving in and out, generating a large amount of trash in the way of packaging materials and unwanted furniture. Roll-off dumpsters provide more space to hold these bulky items.


Environmentally Friendly

Many of your tenants are probably eco-conscious, and appreciate a management team that provides a roll-off dumpster specifically dedicated to recyclable materials like cardboard, glass, and aluminum. 


Reduce Pests and Vermin

When garbage dumpsters begin to overflow, trash can fall out and decompose. This makes for an excellent nesting place for vermin including rats, mice, and raccoons. It’s also a prime breeding place for insects that can find their way into your apartment complexes.


Atlantic Waste Can Help


It may be difficult to determine what size of roll-off dumpster is the best fit for your needs. You also will have to figure out how many you need and the best schedule for pickup and delivery.


Atlantic Waste Group has been providing our services to our clients throughout the state of Maryland for years and whether it’s a commercial or residential job, our services and equipment can handle your needs.


Our roll-off dumpsters and containers come in multiple sizes, from 10- to 40-yards and we can work with you to determine the best fit. We have a team of knowledgeable professionals that are ready to provide you with personalized service.


We’ll need some advance information before we begin, including:

  • Your property’s location
  • What type of material will be thrown into the dumpster
  • A good time and day to schedule pickup and delivery


In addition to providing you with roll-off dumpsters, we also offer other services that might be worth considering, such as hauling services, equipment transportation, material transportation, mulch delivery and green material recycling. 


For more information, ​​call our offices to visit our website and get a free quote on the roll-off dumpster/container rental.