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5 Reasons Why You Need a Roll-Off Dumpster in an Emergency


The motto for dealing with an emergency is “be prepared”, and even though you may follow that to the letter, there are events that can occur without any warning. 


This type of situation can range from a fire to flood to a work schedule that was sped up due to missed work, delays in getting supplies, or demands from the client. Regardless of the nature of the emergency, getting debris and other junk out of the way can be a major priority. Here are 5 reasons why you need a roll-off dumpster in an emergency.


roll-off dumpster


When a fire occurs in a residential or commercial property, the results can be devastating. After officials have given the all clear sign, getting rid of debris – including fire damaged appliances, bedding, furniture, and building materials – needs to happen quickly.


A roll-off dumpster delivered to the site of the fire can be a lifesaver, and allow personnel to begin clean up almost immediately. In some cases, a shortened schedule of drop off and pickup of full containers can be established.



Floods can occur naturally due to storms and heavy rain, or result from internal leakage caused by broken pipes, unsecured water mains, and a host of other equipment failures. The effects of water damage can be worse than fire, but in some cases materials can be removed and dried out – and water can be removed via vacuum machinery.


Having a roll-off dumpster lets you throw out items damaged beyond repair – furniture, electronics, drywall, and flooring. Making room in a home or commercial site enables quicker drying time and a shorter recovery period.


Natural Disaster

Tornados, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms and even blizzards can appear quickly and cause high-levels of damage to any type of structure. Once the crisis has passed, it’s crucial to remove debris and build temporary solutions to protect the interior of a structure from further damage.


Roll-off dumpsters range in size, but larger containers such as 30- and 40-yards, are the best suited for heavy cleanup. Having a service that can deliver and pickup quickly at a moment’s notice will help speed up recovery.


Advanced Deadlines

Construction and remodeling projects must adhere to a well-planned schedule in order for work to be performed accurately and professionally. When a job begins to run behind, or deadlines are moved up, an accelerated pace is going to produce debris quickly. 


Having a roll-off dumpster delivered and picked up from your worksite can get one more problem out of the way so construction can continue at a rapid pace. 

Condemned Property

When a residential or commercial property is officially condemned, or sited as a health hazard, the owners will need to quickly unload material and debris in order to avoid losing their home. These types of jobs create massive amounts of junk and damaged furniture and appliances. 


Quick cleanup is the key to avoiding property loss, and roll-off dumpsters can be picked up and delivered around the clock.


The Solution to Emergency Situations


Atlantic Waste has been in business for 30 years, and we’re familiar – and equipped – to provide you with emergency roll-off dumpster service. With multiple size receptacles available, your needs aren’t a problem.


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