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Material Transportation Services

Why AWG is the Leader in Material Transportation Services

When you have materials that need to be transferred from your facility, or from one construction site to another location, Atlantic Waste Group has you covered. 


Material transportation needs to be handled from start to finish in a logical, detailed manner. That’s why our professionals will make sure your inbound and outbound needs are taken care of through careful planning and coordination.


When you hire Atlantic Waste Group for material transportation, we’ll consider multiple factors including:


  • Equipment logistics
  • Site management
  • Communication
  • Regulations


Over the years, Atlantic Waste Group has made communication with clients one of our differentiators. It’s how we stand out from the competition. 


From the first phone call to final delivery, your contact will not only stay in touch with you but with key members of your team. This approach helps virtually eliminate any surprises and makes sure that everyone is on the same page.


Another facet of material transportation is making sure that the load itself is properly inventoried and then placed on the appropriate vehicle. When our truck arrives to take on your shipment, our driver will work with you to make sure every detail has been addressed.


After pickup, our truck drivers will follow the safest and most efficient route, which has already been preplanned. We carefully screen every employee we hire and review their driving records to determine their reliability and professional experience. We also conduct regular drug tests.


Atlantic Waste Group’s material transportation team is well versed in the safety measures and guidelines that are dictated by the Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


We know the regulations that govern interstate and intrastate material transport, and we’re constantly in touch with our contacts to ensure that we are familiar with any changes in policies and procedures.


Every driver who works for us is completely familiar with factors such as weight, capacity, and their own safety, which includes how to protect materials and road surfaces while they are driving. We never overwork our employees to avoid driver fatigue.


The end result is that your materials will arrive safe, secure, and on time. Our dispatch team will stay in communication with your personnel to make sure that when your materials arrive, they are unloaded in the correct space and all of the necessary papers and receipts are signed and recorded. 


This attention to detail is what has made us one of the most reliable services in the State of Maryland. No matter where you’re located, and where your materials need to be, we’ll take care of every detail and stay in communication throughout the process.


Learn why we’re one of the best material transportation companies in the area. We provide services in:

  • Anne Arundel
  • Baltimore
  • Prince George’s
  • Montgomery
  • Howard
  • Carroll County


In addition to handling material transportation, Atlantic Waste Group offers a host of other services that might be worth considering, such as hauling services, equipment transportation, material transportation, mulch delivery, and green material recycling