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How To Project Manage Your Home Renovation

Adding an extension to your home can be an exciting and stressful undertaking. After all, it’s a major investment in resources, time, and money. Depending upon the size and scope of the project, you can choose to save money and reduce the length of your renovation by managing the entire project yourself.

That might seem like a tall task, but you’re already involved in multiple project management tasks already, you just don’t realize it. When your family wakes up in the morning, there’s probably a long list of action items that need to be handled.  Think about it, someone has to pack lunches, get everyone out of bed, transport children, split up any chores that need to be accomplished, and then take care of your own work responsibilities.

While this example may seem tiny compared to completing a renovation, you possess the skills of organization – and that’s the basis of managing any project.  Plus, you have to stick with a budget in the day-to-day operations – and that’s the second most important piece of a project.

Tools of the Trade

The first item you’re going to need is a calendar. You can decide if you’re going the traditional route of a simple wall calendar, or going digital. Each of these choices have their own positives and negatives – but there are several reasons why going digital makes the most sense.

  • Easily accessed via multiple devices
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments is easier
  • Reminders help manage your time
  • Time block features increase productivity
  • Recurring events are easy to schedule

Once you have the calendar option answered, you’ll also need to act as a resource for all of the parties involved. 

This means storing and sharing phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses in a place where everyone can access them – Google Docs and Google Sheets are the perfect solution, and best of all they’re free.

Of course, you need to maintain your budget. This doesn’t have to feature a complicated spreadsheet full of intricate formulas. You can categorize your costs, however it best works for you and your team – and there are plenty of templates available that can help.

Timelines are another integral part of any project manager’s toolbox. You’ll need to sit down with your contractors to map out timelines that are accurate and manageable. Remember that timelines can, and often will, change.

You’ll also need to ensure that the actual construction site needs your attention. Of course, you won’t be erecting scaffolds and digging trenches, but you can plan out where materials are going to be located, where you and your family are going to park cars, and ensure that your doorway and mailbox are accessible to anyone delivering packages.

There’s also the dumpster question. Your contractor may require you to provide dumpsters for their debris and junk – along with the sizes they recommend and how often the receptacles need to be picked up and dropped off.

Atlantic Waste Group can take care of your dumpster rental needs. We have a full inventory of dumpsters and experts who will provide you with guidance and answer all of your questions.

Project managing your home renovation project can be a rewarding – and cost saving – experience. Take your time and remember that events will occur that weren’t in your initial plan. That’s where being flexible and working with professionals will come in handy.

Atlantic Waste Group is the Answer

Dumpster delivery and pickup are two of our many specialties at Atlantic Waste Group. We have years of experience under our belt, and we’ve worked with hundreds of contractors and homeowners.

Find out more about our services and contact us today – we’ll provide junk removal services that save your time and money.