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Benefits of Mulch Delivery This Spring

Mulch Delivery

With the weather starting to warm up all over Maryland, homeowners and landscaping professionals are beginning to make plans for the mild weather ahead of them.

At Atlantic Waste Group, we provide residential and commercial mulch delivery in Maryland. Our team understands the importance of mulching, and we want to share some information that can help you learn the benefits of mulch delivery this spring.

Benefits of Mulching in the Spring

Whether you own a nursery, landscaping business, commercial property, or anything in-between, it’s crucial to have the best mulch to start preparing for spring. Spring is the time of year when everything gets a fresh start. Before deciding which type of mulch to purchase for your mulch delivery, it is important to understand the benefits of the right mulch.

First of all, mulch provides a clean look for new blossoms and vegetable seedlings. Mulching in the spring also helps suppress weed growth and prevents weeds from taking over your lawn.

Mulch can help you get a head start on planting. Whichever type of mulch you use, covering your soil with a layer of material can help insulate the soil, preserve moisture, and enrich the soil. Many plants are sensitive to soil temperature, and keeping your soil at room temperatures can give a head start to your seedlings.

Mulch Delivery Saves Time, Energy, and Money

You may not have the time or materials to pick up your mulch and haul it back to your home or business. Luckily, there’s an alternative to hauling wet, bulky mulch in the trunk of your car – bulk mulch delivery.

A mulch delivery from Atlantic Waste Group means there’s no tedious lifting and loading (then unloading) your car and no multiple trips. Mulch delivery helps you save time to focus on your project. You also avoid buying overpriced bags of mulch from your local hardware store.

How to Apply Mulch During Spring

When it comes to applying mulch, it’s vital to layer the right amount over your plants. The perfect mulch should be compact enough to prevent weed growth but light and open enough to allow water and air to reach the soil.

Allow the ground to warm and dry out somewhat before applying mulch. Mulch applied too early in the season hinders soil warming and can also foster diseases.

The process of spring mulching depends upon the type of mulch used and the plant. If you are using mulch to enhance the appeal of your landscape, an inch or two is enough. However, a depth of 2-2.5 inches of mulch is recommended for weed control, moisture retention, and root protection. Applying more than this amount can lead to waterlogged soil, compaction, diseases, and rodent infestation.

Call Atlantic Waste Group for Mulch Delivery this Spring

Do you need mulch delivery in Maryland? Atlantic Waste Group got you covered. We’ll deliver fresh and quality mulch to your preferred location. Call us to learn the benefits of mulch delivery this spring or schedule a convenient time for mulch delivery to your home or business. We can also coordinate your mulch installation needs with a team of landscaping professionals.

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