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Top Examples of Green Material Recycling

Green Material Recycling

With awareness of global pollution growing daily, more and more people want to align themselves to being environmentally friendly. This involves using organic, renewable, and eco-friendly materials as producers and consumers reduce our ecological footprint. However, with more materials ending up in landfills or worse in water sources or ingested by animals, the use of green materials isn’t enough. The need to recycle these materials is evident with green material recycling companies in Maryland leading the forefront to produce less waste and contribute to global environmental protection.   

What Are Top Examples of Green Material Recycling?

Most recyclable green materials are products generally found in our homes. They include:

Garden Wastes

Garden wastes such as tree branches and tree stumps are some of the waste materials that accumulate in your backyard. Reusing or recycling is the surest way to dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner. While stumps can be used for a campfire, tree branches can be cut down to logs and sold or used to create DIY furniture. For recycling purposes, you can contract a green material recycling service with access to the best recycling centers. You can also sell other materials such as dry leaves and logs to energy plants that can utilize them to run high temperature-high pressure steam turbines.

Food Waste

Kitchen refuse and other food wastes are among the top examples of recyclable green materials. They are recycled by dumping and heaping them in alternate layers to form natural or organic fertilizer known as compost. The composting is often done on open land and tends to generate a strong smell that can be unpleasant to humans. They also attract pests easily hence, it is wise to contract a recycling service to do it on your behalf in an area away from your premise.

Corrugated Cardboard

There are two types of corrugated cardboard that can be recyclable; old corrugated cardboard (OCC) and paperboard. OCC usually has three layers with a wavy layer sandwiched between two paperboard layers. OCC can be recycled up to seven times over, with a percentage of the recycled materials (50%) used to make new corrugated boards, paper boards, and other everyday materials like paper towels, toilet paper, and cat litter.

Reusable Grocery Bags/ Organic Cotton

Many grocery bags are often stuck in our kitchen drawers, and even though these eco bags are made with woven cotton fibers that are biodegradable, they end up filling up landfills due to their sheer volumes. Recycling or reusing them can go a long way in creating a sustainable environment.  

Newspapers and Mixed Paper

Although newspapers are one of the bulkiest items in landfills, it’s one of the quickest decomposers of the bunch. The primary purpose of recycling them is to save up on trees and curb the problem of filling our landfills. Newspapers are different from other recyclable paper since it is considered uncontaminated and also has a 67% recycling rate.

Mixed papers are all papers that are not cardboard or newspaper but can be treated or colored. They constitute the most significant portion of municipal solid waste. Even though they are not harmful to the environment, recycling one ton of paper can save up to 7,000 gallons of water, 17 trees, and 463 gallons of oil. 

Contact Atlantic Waste Group to Recycle All Your Green Materials

Recycling demands careful planning, much like other initiatives. Working with a business familiar with regional rules governing landfills and waste is essential. Atlantic Waste Group is available to assist you reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your green materials.

With access to the most excellent recycling facilities, Atlantic Waste Group will ensure that your recyclable materials are utilized to their full potential. Your items will be recycled effectively and safely by our team.

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