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How To Make Green Waste Recycling A Priority In 2022

We all tend to assume that because green waste is biodegradable, they decompose quickly, but the truth is that it takes time to break down. This is due to a lack of oxygen when compacted and buried into the ground. As a result, anaerobic decomposition occurs, and potent gases such as carbon dioxide and methane get released into the atmosphere. 

Green waste recycling is, therefore, the best way to go since it reduces these greenhouse gases and protects the landfills and oceans from waste-related toxins. As much as you can recycle green waste from home, waste management companies play a major role in effectively recycling green waste materials.

How to make Green Waste Recycling a Priority in 2022

Promote Green Waste Recycling Awareness

Educating others about the benefits of recycling green waste can help raise awareness and hopefully influence them to recycle. If you show people how easy it is to recycle properly, they may feel more inclined to participate.

Composting/ Mulching

Composting is a tried technique used by homeowners and business owners to recycle green waste. It requires modern equipment to make it practical and cost-effective to compost waste on site. The major decision is identifying the best location on your property that is appropriate for installing a composting station. This waste then becomes mulch which you can use in your farm to retain moisture and build soil structure.

Energy Recovery

Collecting the harmful gasses and putting them to proper use, such as turning them into biofuel, can benefit the community. A high percentage of biogas is methane which can produce heat and electricity through energy recovery programs. This reduces the use of petroleum gases which, when burned, pollute the environment.

Green Waste Collection

Throwing waste in the bin is a good move, but it’s not where the process of recycling ends but where it begins. Separating waste in a correct way is the most basic thing you can do to preserve the environment. 

Green waste collection starts with you. Start separating your green wastes like vegetable peels, fruit peels, and food leftovers in one bin to make it easier for recycling. Having green waste bins in homesteads, workplaces, and public areas will also encourage easy green waste disposal and recycling. 

Benefits of Green Waste Recycling

Green waste recycling has become an important aspect in most municipalities and a priority in most households. Here are some benefits of green waste recycling and why it should be a priority for you:

Reducing Methane in Landfills

With large amounts of green waste disposed of in landfills, the decomposition rate has drastically reduced, leading to the accumulation of methane gas. With methane gas being one of the greenhouse gases, recycling green waste can go a long way in curbing the climate change disaster.

Encourages Green Waste Collections

With the need to reduce the amount of green waste compiled in landfills, the municipality encourages recycling green waste. This can be through issuing bins to the public for organic waste disposal and green waste collection programs run by different municipalities to educate the public on the importance of disposing of organic waste in bins. Less organic waste means less hydrocarbon escaping into the atmosphere.

Improves Nutrients in the Soil

You can also use recycled green waste mixed with industrial wastes such as coal dust to improve the sustainability of topsoil. This mixture also provides plants-nurturing nutrients.

Make Green Waste Recycling a Priority with Atlantic Waste Group

Green waste recycling doesn’t need to be hectic. With Atlantic waste Group, you will work with a company familiar with rules regarding landfills and green waste recycling essentials and have access to top-notch recycling facilities.

We use specialized equipment and technology to allow effective and affordable green waste recycling. Contact us online or call us at 410-768-4720 for all your green waste recycling needs.