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Top 5 Non-Recyclable Commercial Waste (And What to Do With the Rest)

Top 5 Non-Recyclable Commercial Waste (And What to Do With the Rest)

Recycling is a great way to care for the environment. However, not all commercial waste can be recycled. Some commercial items, once used, should be disposed of because they can be harmful or challenging to recycle. Most commercial waste that is degraded and made of composite material cannot be recycled. So, what type of commercial waste is non-recyclable?

1. Ceramics

Recycling ceramics is challenging due to the technical process that would make it possible for such material to be processed again. Making ceramics involves heat, and a second attempt to press them down through heating may not be possible in standard recycling facilities. 

2. Metal and Cardboard Containers Contaminated with Oil

The recycling process involves using toxins, which can be harmful if mixed with oil. Even if metal containers contaminated with oil are cleaned, there is no guarantee that the chemicals in the oil will clear up. Cardboards are also highly absorbent and, if contaminated with oil, cannot be recycled.

3. Paint Cans

Paint cans contain harmful chemicals, which make them non-recyclable. Exposure of the paint chemicals to heat or even toxins during the recycling process can harm the environment. 

4. Plastic Cartons

Machinery in recycling centers can jam from trying to break down plastic cartons. What results from this can be an entire interruption from the recycling process. Consequently, most recycling centers will reject plastic cartons.  

5. Mirrors

Mirrors are made of material that is not easy to break down during recycling. The glass in mirrors takes too much time and effort to melt down, and recycling machines cannot handle it. Additionally, the reflective material also makes it challenging to recycle. 


What to Do with Recyclable Commercial Waste

There are many waste materials in a commercial space that you can recycle. For instance, you can recycle some specified plastic bottles. You should always check the waste items for the recyclable mark before you take a step to recycle. You can also recycle materials made from paper like magazines, newspapers and dry cardboard. You can also recycle glass items like wine and beer bottles.

How do you recycle all these waste items? The first step in responsible recycling is to separate the items according to the materials they are made of. This will make work easier for you or the recycling service providers. If your commercial space is a manufacturing industry where you can put such waste items to good use, then you can recycle them on the spot.

However, if you are not capable of recycling within your space, then you can trust the services of a professional waste disposal company to put your commercial waste to good use. Once you collect your waste items, the waste disposal company can collect them and transport them to recycling centers. You also get rid of the junk within your commercial space through recycling.


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