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What if my dumpster is too heavy to lift or unsafe?

Our trucks have a legal amount of weight that they can carry and that is why there is a 4 TON max on our containers. In the event you go over this weight, the driver may refuse the dumpster and you may have to unload some of your debris at your expense.

If an additional dumpster is needed, in order to remove some of the debris from the overloaded dumpster into, you can simply go online and rent an additional dumpster.

Please remember the rental continues until the dumpster is loaded to a safe amount.

If this issue causes your rental to go beyond the included 7 days, you may be billed for each additional day at $10.00 per day.

AWG takes the safety of its employees and of the other people on the roads very serious. It is always less expensive to get an additional dumpster than to overload one.